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samsung 16gb internal memory phones

The phone should have 16Gb of internal storage but some of that is taken up by android and for future updates so about 12Gb is available @Wituu. Your 'My Files' should show what's using what. Use device maintenance to clear up your sections. Discover the latest features and innovations available in the Galaxy J3 16GB (Unlocked). Find the perfect Phones for you! A Samsung representative at Best Buy will call to schedule your Galaxy S10 try out. Internal Memory. 2GB RAM, 16GB Storage. Available Memory. MicroSD (Up to GB) Network. SIM Size/5(45). Aug 06,  · Honestly, I'm seriously considering moving my music library (GB) to internal because I feel like I'm just wasting the free internal space I have right now. As I said before, in my view 16GB will last most users the entire life of there phone without any issues.

Galaxy J3 16GB (Unlocked) Phones - SM-JUZKAXAA | Samsung US

Jun 29, Jan 28, 1, Where Diamond Head Stay. May 22, 7, 2, Tennessee. This has been said numerous times before, but bears repeating. Apps can't be moved to memory card, so remember that when deciding.

Stormlight and tilk23 like this. Rdjr74 Android Enthusiast, samsung 16gb internal memory phones. Mar 31, 82 78 Cincy. Simple, if you plan to use many apps, games in point then get a 32gb. Download and play till your hearts content. With the 16gb you might want to keep one eye on things. Just my thoughts of course. The 32gb is also 50 bucks more though verizon. Pretty good deal actually. Mar 6, 64 5 Oct 1, 53 ICS does allow it, Samsung just doesn't have their phone allow it.

If you choose to root, it's a non-issue for this phone. Apr 13, 1, Male Sacramento, CA. If you are questioning on which to get, then its best to play it safe and get the 32GB. If you get the 32GB you will later say to yourself I'm glad I did, samsung 16gb internal memory phones. The other thing to look at it the fact that apps can not be moved to SD Card with this phone, which others above have mentioned. I have a few games and a load of apps on my phone.

I have used 7GB of space already. I am glad I have the 32GB. I would have been mad at myself had I gotten the 16GB. Another thing to think about is how long do you samsung 16gb internal memory phones on having this phone. If you are going to have it for about two years I think a 32GB is a must. SUroot Extreme Android User. I got the 16 because I didn't know about the Not a samsung 16gb internal memory phones gamer but I like things that look impressive so with over 6GB of game data 5 games I was pretty full.

Luckily with root, I can directory bind to extSdcard. I have close to apps a couple over 50mb and I still have Feb 16, 49 43 Male dj, body worker Texas. Im pretty happy with my 16gb and knowing me as soon as the note 2 comes out i will get it and it will become my gameing phone samsung 16gb internal memory phones of my s3. Nov 24, 3 0 5. This helps me make this decision. I am not much of a gamer.

Heavy business user. Have a dying Thunderbolt! Hashtag Android Enthusiast. Anybody remember when the 5mb floppy drives came out? Dat technology advancement. Aug 3, 1, London. Well I had an Amiga and it used K floppy disks :smokingsomb:. SUroot likes this. CafeKampuchia Android Expert. Dec 8, 2, 2, Male Pursat, Cambodia. Tags: samsung galaxy s3. Share This Page Tweet. Your name or email address: Do you already have an account? No, create an account now. Yes, my password is: Forgot your password?

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samsung 16gb internal memory phones


Expandable Memory. Expandable Memory With 16GB 1 of built-in memory, you can store more than 5, photos or 2, songs 2 directly on your device. Get up to an additional GB of memory with a microSD™ card 3 so you can you can enjoy more of your favorite music, photos and games on the go/5(). 16GB internal memory phones. Best phones: The best phones to buy are OnePlus 6 GB with a spec score of 99, Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus GB with a spec score of 99 and OnePlus 6 with a spec score of Performance: Phones such as LG G7 ThinQ, HTC U12 Plus and Asus ROG Phone promise smooth and lag-free performance. List of Best 3GB RAM Mobiles with 16GB Internal Memory in India 3GB RAM mobile with 16GB Internal Memory Models Prices (Rs.